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Our goal is to hopefully be part of a grassroots movement that will begin to rebuild the nation and hold our leaders accountable to meet the high standards our founding fathers set when they formed this nation. To that end, we encourage our visitors to write down and share their thoughts on this effort so that others can be inspired.

You can submit an article by email to submissions@REMOVETHISendtheillusion.org. Articles can be submitted in Microsoft DOC format or in the body of the email.

Please include a short bio, a website if you have one, and any contact information you wish to have posted on the website.

Our staff will read and evaluate submissions and decide whether to post them or not.

If your article has been selected for posting, you will contacted at the same email address used for the submission to verify the identity of the author. No submissions from PUBLIC email systems such as Yahoo Mail, HotMail and others will be accepted for obvious reasons.

If an article is found to not be an original work it will be removed as soon as we are aware of this. You cannot submit someone else's work from a website or other source.

You can enhance the chances of your submission being posted by staying within the general subject areas of this website: economy, politics, justice, community, social, and media.

The original writer retains full copyright to all articles, however by submitting an article, you give End the Illusion the right to post the entire article on our website with attribution.

We may occasionally edit articles or titles, but generally if the article requires this, it will not be posted.

Since this is a free website, we offer no compensation for submissions. If at some time in the future this website becomes a subscription service, we will reconsider this policy.

If someone posts your article without permission, please email submissions@REMOVETHISendtheillusion.org with a subject line of REMOVE. Please include the full URL of your article on our website.